产品简介 :

FT8852x is optimized for low cost non-isolated Buck switching mode LED driver applications. It operates in inductor current boundary conduction mode. With source driving architecture, special demagnetization sensing technology and the ultra low operating current, FT8852x doesn’t need the auxiliary winding for output current sensing and chip power supplying. FT8852x also integrates a 700V power NPN that further improves the system reliability and lowers the system cost and complexity. 

Its highly integrated functions such as Leading Edge Blanking (LEB) and built-in line compensation offer users a high efficiency and low cost solution for constant current LED driver applications.  

The multi-protection function of FT8852x greatly enhances the system reliability and safety. FT8852x offers fruitful protections like LED open and short circuit protection, over temperature compensation, CS resistor short circuit protection. 

The industry leading OVP voltage accuracy ensures the best LED open circuit protection.

产品特点 :

PWM dimming support

No Auxiliary winding for sensing and supplying 

Inductor current boundary conduction mode(BCM)

Constant current control without secondary sense and feedback circuit

Built-in 700V Power NPN

High efficiency with ±3% LED current accuracy

Ultra low operating current for high efficiency

Excellent line and load regulations

Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting

Fixed OVP voltage for  LED open circuit protection

LED short circuit protection

Over temperature compensation

CS resistor short circuit protection.

VCC under-voltage lockout

Available in SOP8 and DIP8 packages


规格书 Part No.: FT8852xx 版本: 0.80 添加时间: 2018-06-04 支持型号: FT8852A、FT8852C、FT8852DD 附件: ft8852x_ds_rev0 80_en_官网简版.pdf
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