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8 bit RISC MCU

FMD has been focusing on developing 8-bit MCU with high performance, high reliability and high cost performance. Based on the market demand, the company constantly develops new product and provide optimal solutions. Currently, FMD 8-bit MCU includes three types of I/O, A/D and Touch, which can apply to all kinds of consumer product application field and meet different demand of customers. FMD 8-bit MCU has built-in 16Mhz high-speed RD oscillator and data EEPROM and peripherals, such as Timer, PWM, ADC, analog comparator, low voltage reset, I²C and etc. Besides, FMD 8-bit MCU also supports ISP and online debugging, which further facilitates the development.
We protect your firmware by offering R/W program and data EEPROM protections, and custom key for hex encryption/code execution.
Multiple safeguards during BOOT, including check sum, improves startup robustness. Our self-regulated POR technology means as long as the voltage is above VPOR the MCU can run at 8M/4T or above, saving the needs for cumbersome power supply detection and regulation. This also allows some of our chip to function at as low as 1.5V in battery operation environment. Couple with our generally low operating current, we can extend battery life up to 40% over some of our competitors. Our special low power mode uses as low as 8uA running at 32 kHz.
FMD have products with program sizes from 1k x 14 to 16k x 16, 6 pins to 48 pins, simple I/O types to higher end offering 12-bit ADC, LCD drivers, highly robust touch keys, I2C, UART, SPI interfaces, multiple timers, multi-channel versatile PWM, comparators, DAC, low end sensing up to 0.0125mV resolution, 13.56MHz carrier wave, 3.2V – 4.7V monitoring for Lithium battery, multiple stages current drives. Our MCU find their way into every day products, from small toys, wireless charging, home appliances, smart everything to powerful BLDC. Reliable and versatile doesn’t mean high price. We offer one of the industrial better price-performance NVM based MCU. We work hard to save on external BOM too. FMD ships over 150 million pieces of EEPROM and MCU every month, so don’t be surprise if there are a few of our chips in your home!
Our 8-bit MCU supports ISP and online debugging.

IO types

Timer,Comp,WDT,EEPROM, internal RC

ADC types

Timer,Comp,EEPROM, internal RC,10-bit ADC,PWM,USB Charge port

Touch Keys

Timer,Comp,WDT,EEPROM, internal RC,Touch key,I²C slave


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
FT62F28X 1.04 2021-05-18 FT62F28X ft62f28x_ds_cn_rev1p04.pdf
FT60F1XX 2.00 2021-03-18 FT60F11X、FT60F12X ft60f11x_60f12x_ds_rev2p00_en.pdf
FT60F01X 1.20 2020-03-16 FT60F01X ft60f01x_ds_rev1p20.pdf
FT62F23X 2.00 2021-02-26 FT62F23X ft62f23x_ds_rev2p00_en.pdf
FT60F21X 2.00 2021-03-18 FT60F21X ft60f21x_ds_rev2p00_en.pdf
FT62F13X 2.00 2021-02-26 FT62F13X ft62f13x_ds_rev2p00_en.pdf
FT61F13X 2.01 2021-02-26 FT61F13X ft61f13x_ds_rev2p01_en.pdf
FT61F0AX 1.06 2021-01-21 FT61F0AX ft61f0ax、ft64f0ax_ds_rev1p06_cn-105c.pdf
FT64F0AX 1.06 2021-01-21 FT64F0AX ft61f0ax、ft64f0ax_ds_rev1p06_cn-105c.pdf
FT62F21X 2.00 2021-03-18 FT62F21X ft62f21x_ds_rev2p00_en.pdf
FT60F02X 1.29 2020-03-16 FT60F02X ft60f02x_ds_rev1p29.pdf
FT61F02X 1.21 2020-03-16 FT61F02X ft61f02x_ds_rev1p21.pdf
FT61F04X 1.22 2020-03-16 FT61F04X ft61f04x_ds_rev1p23.pdf
FT61F14X 1.09 2021-01-04 FT61F14X ft61f14x_ds_rev1p09_cn.pdf
FT802X 1.00 2020-09-08 FT802X ft802x.zip
FT61F24X 1.04 2019-01-24 ft61f24x_ds_rev1p04.pdf
FT61F34X 1.04 2019-01-24 ft61f34x_ds_rev1p04.pdf
FT61F08X 1.05 2020-06-17 FT61F08X ft61f08x_ds_rev1p05.pdf
FT62F08X 1.08 2021-03-15 FT62F08X ft62f08x_ds_rev1p08_cn.pdf


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
Writer Software V5.2.6 2021-03-24 8 bit RISC MCU v5.2.6beta.rar


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
IDE Software V1.0 2021-03-31 8 bit RISC MCU

Application Note

Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
不断电仿真操作说明 1.00 2021-04-08 8 bit RISC MCU 不断电仿真操作说明-v1.pdf
FT67_64_61F0Ax_Application Note 0.1 2021-03-24 FT61F0AX、FT64F0AX ft67_64_61f0ax_application note_rev0p1.pdf
FT62F21x_Application Note 0.2 2021-03-08 FT62F21X ft60f21x_62f21x_application note_rev0p2.pdf
FT62F13x_Application Note 0.4 2021-03-08 FT62F13X ft62f13x_application note_rev0p4.pdf
FT61F24X_34X_Application Note 0.01 2021-03-08 ft61f24x_34x_application note_v0.01.pdf
FT61F14x_Application Note 0.1 2021-03-08 FT61F14X ft61f14x_application note_rev0p1.pdf
FT61F13x_Application Note 0.3 2021-03-08 FT61F13X ft61f13x_application note_rev0p3.pdf
FT61F04X_Application Note 0.05 2021-03-08 FT61F04X ft61f04x_application note_v0.05.pdf
FT61F02X_Application Note 0.05 2021-03-08 FT61F02X ft61f02x_application note_v0.05.pdf
FT60F21x_Application Note 0.2 2021-03-08 FT60F21X ft60f21x_62f21x_application note_rev0p2.pdf
FT60F12X_Application Note 0.1 2021-03-08 FT60F12X ft60f12x_application note_rev0.1.pdf
FT60F02X_Application Note 0.04 2021-03-08 FT60F02X ft60f02x_application note_v0.04.pdf
FT60F01X_Application Note 0.05 2021-03-08 FT60F01X ft60f01x_application note_v0.05.pdf
MCU Application Note V1.2 2021-04-08 8 bit RISC MCU fmd application note_v1.2.pdf

Demo Code

Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
FT61F13X 1.2 2020-10-20 FT62F13X、FT61F13X ft61f13x.zip
FT62F21X 1.2 2020-10-14 FT62F21X、FT60F21X ft62f21x.zip
FT60F01X 1.2 2020-06-19 FT60F01X ft60f01x.zip
FT60F11X 1.2 2020-06-19 FT60F11X ft60f11x.zip
FT60F02X 1.2 2020-06-19 FT60F02X ft60f02x.zip
FT60F12X 1.2 2020-06-19 FT60F12X ft60f12x.zip
FT61F02X 1.2 2020-06-19 FT61F02X ft61f02x.zip
FT61F04X 1.2 2020-06-19 FT61F04X ft61f04x.zip
FT61F08X 1.2 2020-06-19 FT61F08X ft62f08x_c语言.zip
FT61F14X-C语言 1.3 2021-06-25 FT61F14X ft61f14x_c语言.zip
FT61F14X-汇编 1.2 2020-06-19 FT61F14X ft61f14x_汇编.zip
FT64F0AX-C语言 1.3 2021-06-25 FT64F0AX ft64f0ax_c语言.zip
FT64F0AX-汇编 1.1 2019-09-27 FT64F0AX asm_demo_ft64f0ax.zip


Part No. Version Update Supported Part Nos download
FT62F08X V1.0 2020-10-21 FT62F08X